Submit an RFQ for Response


The purpose of a well written RFQ is to define the problem….Our mission to help you solve the problem.

We reject over 90% of the RFQs received…Why?

Over our 40 year professional history we have received and reviewed thousands of formal and informal RFQs. That experience has provided us with a clear understanding of when a potential client has undertaken sufficient internal analysis on their core business problem and have formally confirmed that such a problem is attributed to usability or UX optimization performance. Without this understanding, responding to an RFQ is a waste of time for the client and the research firm asked to respond. If your RFQ is mapped to a core business problem and we do not have a conflict with an existing client, we will be happy to respond in the following format:

Initial Outline RFQ response

With in a short, pre-defined time frame, you will receive an outline RFQ response covering all necessary business and methodology requirements and rough budget ranges for the program. Prior to this initial response we require an RFQ clarification call with your team. The call time will be approximately 30 min. and will be subject to availability of your team and our staff.

Your feedback

If the outline RFQ is approved by your team and the budget range provided is with in your approved funding level we will conduct a GOTO session to discuss the details of the RFQ and related open issues and decision criteria.

Detailed interactive RFQ response

Assuming that a formal RFQ is appropriate, we will deliver within a pre-defined time frame a complete interactive RFQ which can be shared with your entire team online, comments and questions can be posted by any team member directly to the RFQ framework. You will be able to request from our team updates to the RFQ posted with in our specialized interactive RFQ format. In some cases you will be able to modify some aspects of the interactive RFQ in order to produce alternate approaches that may impact study robustness (statistical power) or cost. (Note: this option is not provided on all interactive RFQ responses)

Final approval and project scheduling

Based on review and updates to the interactive RFQ and should our firm be your selected vendor we will work immediately with your team to post your research program into our overall schedule and to confirm availability of testing facilities, recruiting set ups, study designs, IRB approvals (if required) and special considerations which may impact your program deliverable time frame. At the point when a formal purchase order has been received for the program we will provide an exact deliverable date for your study. When we deliver the final deliverable date we will also provide your team with a detailed research design check list to be utilized in tracking the program internally and gathering the critical internal information including creation of critical stake-holder involvement.

When your study is in production

You will receive weekly updates during all phases of the study including daily updates when the study is actually in the formal data gathering phase. All review sessions are at a predetermined time and are scheduled at the beginning of the approved project.

How we develop and manage your program: We have hardened and industry proven program development methodology which adheres to research study best-practices. The process includes development of a formal research Scope of Work (SOW) followed by Protocol development and approval, IRB submissions and responses, facility acquisition, recruiting criteria development and recruiting, data gathering, data scrubbing and cross-checking, data analysis and data reporting. We are well known for producing robust and actionable insights and deliverable adhere to professional publications guidelines.

Please Submit Your RFQ by email to Cmauro@MauroUsabilityScience.Com. We will respond promptly.