High Profile Projects


What We Do

We thrive on complex UX.UI.GUI design and usability research problems at the intersection of human capability and advanced technological functionality.

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Some of our projects have resulted in industry-leading solutions that have impacted entire global networks. Others have produced new innovations in terms of methodology or process that have become industry best practices. We go where there is complexity so that you can return with simplicity in terms of customer acceptance and business performance improvement.

How We Work

We employ rigorous, science-based research and development methods appropriate for the complexity of your critical business problem.

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Meeting Formal Research Directives

Since our founding in 1975, we have been a leading provider of rigorous product design, software development, and formal usability testing methodologies. We have pioneered the use of various core technologies including eye-tracking (1976), structured usability metrics (1977) and online, large-sample user testing (1995). Over the past 20 years, we have pioneered several advanced testing methodologies including advanced eye-tracking, cognitive modeling, EMG and EEG and standardized human factors engineering heuristics and evaluation methods. All utilized in the development of solutions focused on solving the complexity problem for leading high-technology institutions, non-profits, and governmental agencies. We have executed many complex programs under structured and government-mandated product development, human factors engineering, and usability testing frameworks. These include the application of formal guidelines and regulations from the Department of Defense, NASA, the Food and Drug Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. When applicable, we can and do apply rigorous statistical analysis of relevant large data sets based on professionally executed consumer research.

Problems We Solve

Founded in 1975, chances are we have worked in your industry sector or product category ranging from the world’s leading stock exchanges to the social media apps for COPPA age Children.

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Our experience covers UI design and human factors performance verification for a wide range of user profiles and industry sectors including UI design for highly complex financial service applications, social media interfaces for teens, cross-platform media consumption interfaces for millennials, complex medical imaging and drug delivery systems, mission-critical process control and energy applications, user interfaces for large scale virtual reality networks and avatar creation interfaces, complex military systems, aerospace systems including NASA, product/screen-based interface combinations, complex CSR applications, and complex data visualization and decision-making interfaces for leading high-technology institutions and investment firms.


The following project thumbnails cover high-profile and other relevant program experience. Clicking on the red dot with the “+” will take you to in-depth data.

High Profile Projects

New York Stock Exchange


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MAURO New York Stock Exchange

In a multi-year engagement, MUS executed business-critical human factors engineering research and complex user interface design programs resulting in the creation of a new generation of screen-based (fixed and hand-held) trading systems that dramatically improved trading performance, reduced training time and reduced errors. Solutions verified by independent usability testing. Core concepts implemented by other major exchanges and trading platforms worldwide. MUS received Interactions Design award from Association of Computing Machines for this effort.

MTV Viacom


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Conducted multi-year longitudinal usability testing and UX optimization research for multiple primary MTV media properties. Applied advanced cognitive modeling methods in optimization of teen interactions with new media sites.

Trading Technologies, Inc.


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MAURO Trading Technologies, Inc.

Conducted extensive research in global financial service markets related to complex futures spread trading behaviors. Developed high-performance trading interfaces which resulted in production of multiple utility patents for GUI design.



MAURO Citibank

In a multi-year engagement, executed international UX design, usability research and user engagement optimization programs for Citibank online services. Reported to the highest levels of the bank including Office of the Chairman. Developed primary interaction framework for Citibank home banking utilized on a global basis. Conceptualized and developed large internal teams of subject matter experts, HFE staff and related testing facilities. Citibank online customer experience rated number one on a global basis during period of involvement.




In a multi-year effort, MNM executed complex human factors engineering research and workstation / user interface design programs resulting in creation of new generation of mission control centers for NASA Space Shuttle operations. Solutions resulted in verified improvements in critical launch information display and operator mission management including cross-training and task sharing functions. Solution propagated to Shuttle operations centers on a global basis. MNM received NASA Special Service Citation for this effort.

Pfizer + Other Medical Entities


MAURO Pfizer + Other Medical Entities

In numerous multi-year engagements, MNM conducted complex human factors engineering research and product design programs for leading medical and pharmaceutical entities covering imaging systems, drug delivery devices, emergency care / ICU systems and surgical devices with a focus on both software driven, screen-based interfaces and hardware configurations. MNM has executed large sample formative and summative studies for FDA approval. MNM received the Alexander C. Williams Award / Human Factors and Ergonomics Society for medical systems design.

Legal Expert Case Studies


MAURO Legal Expert Case Studies

MNM has provided consulting and testifying expert services for design patent, utility patent, trade dress and copyright matters covering GUI design and product design. We have participated in over 75 major cases on behalf of the world’s most successful high-technology companies and work routinely with leading law firms. We speak at major IP conferences and are on the planning board for USPTO conferences. Mr. Mauro was the first design/research professional invited to speak at the UC Berkeley Federal Judicial Center training seminar for federal judges. The firm has provided critical content for a number of recent high-profile amicus briefs related to design patent rulings at the Federal Circuit. We have also taken a leading role in production of one of the high-profile briefs for SCOTUS in Apple v. Samsung.