Data Visualization


What We Do

We help leading business entities, startups and non-profits create and produce visualizations of their complex data for the benefit of users and customers.

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Over the past 40 years, leading corporations, government agencies, international non-profits and leading startups seeking solutions to highly complex data visualization problems have retained our expertise. We have created solutions with verified levels of human factors engineering performance based on the application of human data visualization science and user testing integrated with advanced display design methods.

The solutions of MauroNewMedia have fundamentally altered the visualization and display of complex data in a number of industries including financial services, medical imaging, military systems, aerospace applications, process control, travel, social networking, privacy, and security. In certain critical applications, our solutions have become industry standard data visualization frameworks. We currently have data visualization solutions running at the heart of the world economy. Clients have benefited from our science-based and creative approach to complex data visualization problems. MauroNewMedia is named inventor on numerous industry-altering data visualization solutions.

How We Work

Data VisualizationWe adhere to the rigorous application of cognitive task analysis in all data visualization problems. Our solutions are based on the establishment of your business objectives and related decision-making goals. Problem solutions are driven by your users’ ability to see information where there was once only data.

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We utilize an 8-phase data visualization process that has been employed in hundreds of complex projects for more than 40 years. We are unique because our solutions are based on the science of human visual processing and decision-making. All of our solutions are subjected to formal, structured user testing during development. We routinely employ existing and custom data visualization tools to simulate and test proposed solutions. Our deliverable is typically a robust simulation, developed based on extensive interaction with your software and data generation teams. Our approach is rigorous, collaborative and user-testing focused.

Users We Visualize For

Data VisualizationWith over 40 years of experience in data visualization, we have created solutions for a very wide body of users ranging from high-stress future traders to millennial’s training for their first marathon and machine operators striving to visualize a production process as long as a two football fields.

Data We Help Visualize

We are data and device agnostic. The solutions we provide are driven by an understanding of the skills and special limitations of the human information processing system mapped against decision-making science.

Some of the data types we have worked with include the following:

Financial data

  • Complex equities
  • Bonds and currency
  • Complex spread futures
  • Hedge data
  • Complex blended data
  • Complex risk data
  • Bloomberg data reorg

Financial data is complex and rapidly changing based on market conditions, rules, management decisions and news. We have extensive experience with these special problems. We have had solutions running at the heart of the world economy. Our visualization solutions are among the most cited IP references in the entire field and have formed the basis for the success of major financial institutions.

Military data

  • Recruit management
  • Targeting & acquisition
  • Asset allocation
  • Complex launch data
  • Other DOD data

Military data is complex in ways that other data is not. Without robust visualization, the risk of a catastrophic loss increases dramatically and almost instantly. We have helped visualize complex, real-time data sets in this space for several decades.

Sports data

  • Training progression
  • Injury prediction
  • Scheduling
  • Team performance
  • Completion projection
  • Physiological status

One of the great untouched big data visualization problem spaces in sports performance. We have worked in this problem space to help visualize a wide range of powerful and meaningful variables that have impacted individual and team performance.

Medical data

  • Physiological data
  • Psychological progression
  • Integrated data sets
  • Complex drug data
  • Imaging + Progression
  • Anatomical overlay
  • Population performance
  • Device Performance

Medical data is vast, complex but absolutely critical. A missed interpretation can be life-threatening. We have worked with this special form of data visualization problem for over three decades.

It is clear that a new generation of consumer devices including wearable, smartphones, and IOT devices is beginning to generate a massive set of data that has not yet been properly structured or visualized. We have worked with these types of data across various product domains for more than a decade. These are some of the most interesting and challenging new business opportunities for data visualization reside in the consumer product problem space.

Specialized Expertise

We combine cognitive engineering and design. We believe that a great data visualization solution should contribute to business success or improve system performance. We also believe that a great solution should be protected by IP and managed as a primary asset.

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We have extensive working knowledge of the human information processing systems that impact a users ability to rapidly translate a mass of data into meaningful information. Such a transfer and how effective it is with your customers and users that defines the success of the solution. Sometimes, users must be trained to manage and translate large data sets even when encountering the best visualization schemes. We have a working knowledge of primary and secondary cognitive process that impact data to information transfer including expertise in human memory management, learning decay and skill acquisition. This understanding can be combined with robust and structured graphic design to product stunning and protectable display solutions.


The following project thumbnails cover high-profile and other relevant program experience.

Data Visualization

Wit Capital


MAURO Wit Capital

Created first high-performance online trading platform for consumer applications. Produced comprehensive portfolio management and trading interface that optimized consumer’s ability to visualize rapid changes in market conditions and to reduce risk. Design resulted in award of seminal GUI trading system patent cited in all major trading GUI cases and prior art references. Key innovations present in many trading platforms in use today.

Department of Defense MEPS


MAURO Department of Defense MEPS

Working with DOD subject matter experts developed new methodology for visualizing the movement of large numbers of military personal through various processing centers and related travel activities. Solution dramatically reduced cognitive workload, training time and staffing requirements based on new event visualization scheme and related display configurations.

Trading Technologies Inc.


MAURO Trading Technologies Inc.

Conducted detailed HFE research with leading futures trading firms in US and Europe. Created cognitive model of complex futures spread-trading dynamics and related data sets. Produced interaction framework and UI design that optimized decision making and event tracking for large asset commitments. Numerous patents issued on core visualization concepts.

Leading Cancer Research Entity


MAURO Leading Cancer Research Entity

Executed complex analysis of the relationship between cancer information presentation frameworks and patient clinical outcomes. Identified key knowledge domains for cancer patients based on analysis of 2.5 million message board posts between cancer patients, doctors and HCPs. Provided robust view of relationship between information presentation format and clinical outcomes.

Trade Status States


MAURO Trade Status States

Created first high-performance online trading platform for consumer applications. Produced comprehensive portfolio management and trading interface that optimized consumer’s ability to visualize rapid changes in market conditions and to reduce risk. Design resulted in award of seminal GUI trading system patent cited in all major trading GUI cases and prior art references. Key innovations present in many trading platforms in use today.




Based on HFE research and cognitive modeling MNM formulated for the first time the ability to visualize equities market dynamics in terms of order flow and position balance on a single screen in a rapidly changing market. Solution dramatically reduced cognitive workload of NYSE Specialists and Brokers while reducing decision errors in active market conditions. Solution adopted by exchanges/platforms worldwide.

Marathon Training System


MAURO Marathon Training System

Based on extensive critical incident analysis and event modeling developed visualization system for tracking marathon training sessions and related physical conditioning so that participants could predict possible injury conditions with sufficient advanced notice to take corrective action and increase event completion rates and related fund raising goals.