United States Supreme Court

Formulated and Developed Primary Strategy and Related Professional Amicus Briefs Defending Value of Design vs. Intellectual Property Rights Related to Apple v. Samsung Design Patent Litigation and Appeals

Charles L. Mauro was the primary author for the creation, management, and promotion of two highly influential amicus briefs for the U. S. Federal Circuit and the U. S. Supreme Court dealing with Apple v. Samsung litigation and appeals. The Briefs were signed by 113 world-famous designers and architects including Dieter Rams, Calvin Klein, Sir Terrence Conran, Norman Foster, and many others.

Charles L. Mauro has provided consulting and testifying expert services for design patent, utility patent, trade dress, and copyright matters covering GUI design and product design. He has participated in over 75 major cases on behalf of the world’s most successful high-technology companies and works routinely with leading law firms. He speaks frequently at major IP conferences and is on the planning board for USPTO conferences. Charles L. Mauro was the first design/research professional invited to speak at the UC Berkeley Federal Judicial Center training seminar for federal judges. Charles L. Mauro has provided critical content for a number of other recent high-profile amicus briefs related to design patent rulings at the Federal Circuit.
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