United States Department of Defense

UX Design Research for World’s Largest Online Travel System and Associated Troop Intake and Posting Assignment System

In a multi-year engagement, MUS conducted extensive usability testing, UX optimization research, and UX design for series of critical DOD web interfaces for military personnel and DOD operational staff. Working with DOD development teams and large aerospace contractor, executed complex, professional HFE heuristics analysis of military recruit intake processing on a global basis. Conducted detailed task analysis of the existing process, identified key usability and visualization factors, and provided detailed recommendations for HFE enhancement of process, software/display design, user training, and system management. Working with DOD subject matter experts, developed a new methodology for visualizing the movement of large numbers of military personnel through various processing centers and related travel activities. Solution dramatically reduced cognitive workload, training time, and staffing requirements based on new event visualization scheme and related display configurations.

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