Trading Technologies, Inc.

Complex Futures Trading Interface and Visualization System

Developed new screen-based visualization scheme and high-performance trading interfaces for complex futures trading activities in rapidly changing market conditions involving complex futures trading methods. Produced robust interface design innovations based on extensive cognitive task analysis, workload analysis and decision-making simulations for multi-component futures trading strategies utilized by leading traders in various global markets. Developed and tested a wide range of HCI simulations working with TT programming teams. Created and managed series of user testing sessions covering critical trading innovations and performance improvement verifications. 

Created and tested a series of complex HCI and data visualization system solutions and presented to top-tier futures traders involved in complex and high-risk trading strategies. Produced detailed functional documentation and aided in the creation of patent claims, diagrams and functional descriptions utilized in patent applications covering HCI innovations. 

Solutions provide significant improvements in the visualization of key market variables and ability to dynamically configure displays based on trading conditions, exposure and position variables. Charles L. Mauro CHFP was named inventor and co-inventor on numerous patents issued to Trading Technologies, Inc. as a result of this effort.


System and Method for Selectively Displaying Market Information Related to a Plurality of Tradable Objects

System and Method for Displaying a View of Market Depth on a Graphical User Interface

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