Design of NASA Space Shuttle Launch Control Center, Related Ergonomic Workstations, and Launch Visualization Displays

In a multi-year effort, MUS executed complex human factors engineering research and workstation / user interface (UI) design programs resulting in the creation of a new generation of mission control launch centers for NASA Space Shuttle operations. Solutions resulted in verified improvements in critical launch information displays and operator mission management, including cross-training and task sharing functions. These solutions propagated to Shuttle operations centers on a global basis.

During this engagement, MUS conducted extensive user needs analysis with Shuttle communications teams and developed enhanced workstation and workgroup solutions. MUS produced extensive, full-scale simulations and related human factors performance verification testing as well as a detailed control room layout design to improve cross-task workload sharing during critical mission transitions and related training.

AWARD Charles L. Mauro / MUS received the NASA Special Service Award for this program.

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