MTV Viacom

Conducted World’s Largest Virtual World Avatar Behavior Tracking and Brand Engagement Study Focusing on UX Optimization of Virtual World Engagement

In a multi-year engagement, MUS conducted longitudinal usability testing and UX optimization research for multiple primary MTV media properties with applied advanced cognitive modeling methods in optimization of teen interactions with new media sites. Conducted largest virtual world user engagement analysis to date. Executed studies that tracked in-world UX design versus real-world brand engagement behaviors for leading global brands. Created first deep understanding of psychological binding between avatars and users’ real-world identities. Studies utilized 6+ terabytes of data covering six virtual worlds. Conducted extensive, complex longitudinal UX testing on core site over a three-year period. Developed UX optimization strategies and provided conceptual direction for modifications to the site over several iterations. Site performance increased from 5th to 1st on ComScore ratings over the period of optimization.

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