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Executed Complex UX and Ergonomic Product Design Analysis and Segmentation Planning For Entirely New Generation of Devices

In a multi-year engagement, MUS conducted extensive ergonomic and user preference testing for an advanced, totally new device category with highly specialized and complex UX optimization requirements. Tested 14 overall product configurations utilizing structured testing methodology combining 3D spatial tracking, electromyography (EMG) muscle activity, and Newtonian force measurement. Produced mathematical models of UX performance based on combined data capture. Created extensive use-case simulations focused on identification and optimization of core feature sets that would drive customer acceptance for new platform technology. Conducted complex user preference testing utilizing device configurations optimized for conjoint analysis and robust data analysis. Executed extensive large-scale market segmentation analysis working with industry data sources in conjunction with creation and execution of large-sample consumer research studies to verify and augment industry data.

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