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Major Pharmaceutical Clients


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MAURO Major Pharmaceutical Clients

Conducted extensive formative and summative studies for submission to FDA including 3D micro-motion and EMG testing for determining device manipulation and needle pain in the use of consumer drug delivery devices.



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MAURO Citibank

Online UX Optimization and Global HCI Standards Development

Leading University Endowment


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MAURO Leading University Endowment

Executed Complex Information and Decision Analysis for a Very Large Data Set of Highly Divergent Investment Funds. Designed and Tested New UX / HCI Information Display Platform Focused On Providing Rapid Visualization of Fund Status by the Board and Trading Departments.



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Executed complex human factors engineering research and workstation / user interface (UI) design programs resulting in the creation of a new generation of mission control launch centers for NASA Space Shuttle operations.

Whitney Museum of Art


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MAURO Whitney Museum of Art

Executed Advanced Neuroscience-Based Research to Aid in UX Optimization and Brand Enhancement of Whitney.Org and Related Web Presence

New York Stock Exchange


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MAURO New York Stock Exchange

In a multi-year engagement, MUS executed business-critical human factors engineering research and complex user interface design programs resulting in the creation of a new generation of screen-based (fixed and hand-held) trading systems that dramatically improved trading performance, reduced training time and reduced errors. Solutions verified by independent usability testing. Core concepts implemented by other major exchanges and trading platforms worldwide. MUS received Interactions Design award from Association of Computing Machines for this effort.

Tiffany & Company


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MAURO Tiffany & Company

Conducted formal ergonomic analysis of subminiature production processes, workstation design, process design, production of advanced ergonomic workstations, and support tools. Also executed worker longevity predictions based on workplace optimization data.

Google ATAP


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Conducted extensive ergonomic and user prefererence testing for advanced consumer product concepts including application of robust 3D manipulation analysis, EMG testing, and large-scale market segmentation analysis.

Industry-Leading High Tech Entity


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MAURO Industry-Leading High Tech Entity

Conducted various confidential research programs spanning 3 decades.

United States Department of Defense


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MAURO United States Department of Defense

Conducted extensive usability testing, UX optimization research, and UX design for series of critical DOD web interfaces for military personnel and DOD operational staff.

MTV Viacom


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Conducted multi-year longitudinal usability testing and UX optimization research for multiple primary MTV media properties. Applied advanced cognitive modeling methods in optimization of teen interactions with new media sites.



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Complex Total User Experience Optimization (TUXO) Analysis of Portal Music Devices and Online Music Acquisition Systems

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society LLS


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MAURO Leukemia and Lymphoma Society LLS

Conducted extensive usability and information transfer analysis of online content categories and presentation formats focused on defining information structures that had the greatest impact on clinical outcomes of cancer patients.

United States Supreme Court


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MAURO United States Supreme Court

Primary author in the creation, management, and promotion of influential amicus brief for SCOTUS Apple v. Samsung appeal. Brief signed by 113 world-famous designers and architects including: Dieter Rams, Calvin Klein, Sir Terrence Conran, Norman Foster, and many others.

Trading Technologies, Inc.


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MAURO Trading Technologies, Inc.

Conducted extensive research in global financial service markets related to complex futures spread trading behaviors. Developed high-performance trading interfaces which resulted in production of multiple utility patents for GUI design.

International Rescue Committee


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MAURO International Rescue Committee

Design and Execution of Large-Scale Online UX Optimization Research Program to Optimize Giving to IRC Global Refugee Crisis Programs

Look! Campaign


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MAURO Look! Campaign

Conducted Detailed, Live Environmental Human Factors Analysis of the Look! Pedestrian Walkway Messaging System Installed in NYC by NYC DOT.

FDA Optimized Usability Testing System


MAURO FDA Optimized Usability Testing System

FDA Human Factors Engineering Guidance Is Now Serious Business. Pharmaceutical companies can now have their new drugs rejected by the FDA based on how usable and understandable the delivery device and labeling is for the intended patient population. This new factor has for the first time placed professional usability testing and human factors engineering at the core of successful drug development and market acceptance. MAURO Usability Science (founded 1975) has completed a four-year development effort focused on providing leading drug device development groups with a robust new suite of highly focused and powerful new testing methods designed to meet FDA human factors guidance. These new techniques provide multi-dimensional and scientifically valid data on patient interactions with the entire drug delivery patient experience. Select MORE below for a detailed review of benefits and functions.

Corporate Wide HFE Process Design


MAURO Corporate Wide HFE Process Design

It has now become clear that the most successful products in all major categories ranging from consumer products to large-scale process control applications must deliver high levels of customer experience optimization focusing primarily on the application of robust human factors engineering science. One of the most complex problems top management at any leading high-technology company faces today is how to successfully integrate professional human factors engineering best practices into their ongoing design and development programs. At MUS UX Labs we have developed a robust human factors engineering process integration program based on more than 40 years serving world-class high technology clients. Our formalized process covers current product design/development processes audits, critical incident analysis, core HFE problem analysis followed by extensive implementation planning covering: staffing and training requirements, testing facility development, HFE best practices and design audit systems, integration with required regulatory and policy processes, matching with quality control and production audit systems, management alignment exercises, academic outreach and other critical implementation phases. The service, developed under our UX Labs program has been applied to world-class clients in a wide range of industries. The process model undergoes frequent update and realignment based on changing market priorities in the high-technology product design and development problem space.



MAURO Citibank

In a multi-year engagement, executed international UX design, usability research and user engagement optimization programs for Citibank online services. Reported to the highest levels of the bank including Office of the Chairman. Developed primary interaction framework for Citibank home banking utilized on a global basis. Conceptualized and developed large internal teams of subject matter experts, HFE staff and related testing facilities. Citibank online customer experience rated number one on a global basis during period of involvement.

Tiffany Computer Vision Gem Inspection


MAURO Tiffany Computer Vision Gem Inspection

In collaboration with leading experts in computer vision and subject matter experts from client conceptualized developed first computer-vision based gem inspection system designed to reduce visual fatigue and increase throughput related to selection and grading of high-value gems, pearls and stones. Coordinated development and testing of functional prototype and related performance verification studies.

Sony Feature Modeling


MAURO Sony Feature Modeling

Conducted extensive competitive UX analysis of 32 MP3 players benchmarked against new entrant to the market. Produced robust cognitive model of UX performance impact on purchase decisions covering player/online music service combinations. Accurately predicted demise of MP3 player market based on UX performance of new entrant.

Fujifilm North America Corp


MAURO Fujifilm North America Corp

Developed and executed usability study focused on verification and optimization of new UX design for new in-store photo kiosk. Study focused on testing of UX in wireframe and final formats with emphasis on rapid response (AGILE) updates based on objective user behaviors determined through formal usability testing. Utilized comprehensive lab-based testing methodology based on information-seeking behavior analysis.

Fitch Ratings, Inc.


MAURO Fitch Ratings, Inc.

Conducted large-sample international usability and engagement analysis of complex financial website and protected interactive content. Designed and executed study covering 5 global customer markets in the U.S., Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East. Executed complex factor analysis leading to identification of key factors and provided detailed optimization strategy.

International Rescue Committee


MAURO International Rescue Committee

Executed complex, large-sample online study design, data collection and analysis of online giving behaviors for contributors to IRC causes. Investigated image attributes, online giving platforms, IRC web site and IRC image descriptors. Executed complex factor analysis and identified core attributes that lead to increased giving by high-value contributors in cause-based NGOs.




Executed detailed UX heuristics analysis of world-famous rock musician’s promotional web presence. Created brand attributes profile matrix of artist’s key engagement variables and matched to design of existing web presentation. Provided detailed recommendations for enhancement of web presence as required to bring web presentation into alignment with artist’s perceived brand attributes and key audience image variables.

Process Control Centers


MAURO Process Control Centers

We have executed extensive ergonomic analysis and optimization in many complex process control workstation environments covering fossil and nuclear power generation, high-volume production process in a wide range of industry sectors. Our experience covers entire control center/room design, workstation design, large-field view displays and workstation configurations. We have conducted research in numerous highly secure, confidential environments on a global basis.

Operator Controls/Displays


MAURO Operator Controls/Displays

Executed extensive ergonomic analysis and optimization of a wide range of operator control environments ranging from tractors to high performance flight deck design. Executed detailed analysis and benchmarking studies focusing on optimization of cognitive, biomechanical and anthropometric factors in complex operator control environments.

Pine River Capital


MAURO Pine River Capital

Conducted formal heuristics analysis of existing complex screen-based asset trading and valuation system for use by large hedge funds. Identified decision-making and related task flows. Provided detailed design recommendations for improving overall user engagement and usability of the system. Data provided framework for redesign of UI based on existing software limitations.

Social Network Usability


MAURO Social Network Usability

Executed large-scale online competitive usability and UX optimization studies focused on identification of key interaction attributes that were correlated with site engagement and repeat use patterns. Designed, programmed and managed online data gathering tools used in complex longitudinal studies of leading social networks. Conducted data and trend analysis on very large-sample online usability testing programs with 10,000+ respondents.

Online Gaming


MAURO Online Gaming

For leading development teams of online computer games and virtual worlds conducted extensive design research focused on identification and categorization of interactive game attributes that can be correlated with user engagement. Provided framework for conceptual development, design and testing of online game to reduce risk of failure and improve engagement.



MAURO GlobalSpec

Executed complex benchmarking study of large e-com website directed at identification of critical task failures and related customer interaction pathways leading to low customer retention rates. Designed formal usability study framework based on business-case modeling and customer experience optimization model. Executed large-sample, lab-based study utilizing observational recording of user behaviors correlated with eye-tracking data. Research methodology based on cognitive model of search in complex data sets.

Usability Testing Experience


MAURO Usability Testing Experience

Founded in 1975 we have more experience in usability testing than any other U.S. consulting firm. We have conducted 2500+ usability studies from Wall Street to Main Street. We have working knowledge of all core research methodologies and are well known for complex, customized usability testing programs that address business-critical problems.

Home Banking Usability Testing


MAURO Home Banking Usability Testing

Executed several generations of complex usability studies focused on optimization of web-based home banking applications. Developed and executed overall and detailed guidelines for execution of consumer usability studies in global markets. Produced several ongoing usability and brand engagement optimization programs for new online customer service applications.




Conducted extensive, complex longitudinal UX testing on core site over a 3-year period. Developed UX optimization strategies and provided conceptual direction for modifications to site over several iterations. Site performance increased from 5th to 1st on ComScore ratings over the period of optimization.




In a multi-year effort, MNM executed complex human factors engineering research and workstation / user interface design programs resulting in creation of new generation of mission control centers for NASA Space Shuttle operations. Solutions resulted in verified improvements in critical launch information display and operator mission management including cross-training and task sharing functions. Solution propagated to Shuttle operations centers on a global basis. MNM received NASA Special Service Citation for this effort.

Pfizer + Other Medical Entities


MAURO Pfizer + Other Medical Entities

In numerous multi-year engagements, MNM conducted complex human factors engineering research and product design programs for leading medical and pharmaceutical entities covering imaging systems, drug delivery devices, emergency care / ICU systems and surgical devices with a focus on both software driven, screen-based interfaces and hardware configurations. MNM has executed large sample formative and summative studies for FDA approval. MNM received the Alexander C. Williams Award / Human Factors and Ergonomics Society for medical systems design.

Legal Expert Case Studies


MAURO Legal Expert Case Studies

MNM has provided consulting and testifying expert services for design patent, utility patent, trade dress and copyright matters covering GUI design and product design. We have participated in over 75 major cases on behalf of the world’s most successful high-technology companies and work routinely with leading law firms. We speak at major IP conferences and are on the planning board for USPTO conferences. Mr. Mauro was the first design/research professional invited to speak at the UC Berkeley Federal Judicial Center training seminar for federal judges. The firm has provided critical content for a number of recent high-profile amicus briefs related to design patent rulings at the Federal Circuit. We have also taken a leading role in production of one of the high-profile briefs for SCOTUS in Apple v. Samsung.

Wit Capital


MAURO Wit Capital

Created first high-performance online trading platform for consumer applications. Produced comprehensive portfolio management and trading interface that optimized consumer’s ability to visualize rapid changes in market conditions and to reduce risk. Design resulted in award of seminal GUI trading system patent cited in all major trading GUI cases and prior art references. Key innovations present in many trading platforms in use today.

App UI Development


MAURO App UI Development

Executed research and design programs involving transfer of desktop functions to app-based environments and creation of new app-based products. Specialized experience with cross-platform media consumption and deep content navigation in app interfaces. Executed usability and UX/UI interface design programs covering financial services, gaming, music, e-com and other major industry sectors.

Leading Ivy League Endowment


MAURO Leading Ivy League Endowment

Created tablet-based UI framework for use in tracking asset variance based on freshness of data and projected asset value models. Produced new highly interactive data visualization UI framework for rapidly exploring complex data sets and improved asset management and board-level decision-making. Created robust simulations and related data presentation schemes.

Wearable Devices


MAURO Wearable Devices

Executed cognitive task analysis and detailed ergonomic research programs related to optimization of wearable products and UI design configurations for a wide range of devices. Executed important early research on the complexity of wearable interfaces and provided detailed methodology for interaction simplification through application of transfer-of-learning concepts and related human factors engineering principles.




Based on execution of detailed competitive market and product analysis covering UX design innovations in the music technology sector, created a strategic UX innovation framework for addressing dramatic increases in competition brought about by a new major entrant to the online music technology space. Proposed to top management realignment of strategic thinking related to experience optimization of core products and services. Proposed robust user-centered development methodology for increasing competitiveness on a global scale.

Mobile UX.UI Design History


MAURO Mobile UX.UI Design History

MauroNewMedia has an unparalleled history in mobile UX / UI design including early work on display pagers, emergency radios, PDAs, cellphone, tablets and smartphone interfaces. Our solutions have contributed to some of the most successful mobile products in history. We have served as consulting and testifying experts for the world’s leading mobile product companies. Today we continue to consult on new mobile products and related services including apps, for which UX performance is business-critical.

G&D Corporation


MAURO G&D Corporation

Created specialized sub-miniature, personalized online banking security device that allows for complex highly secure financial transactions through interaction with 2-line display UI.

Hand-Held Product Design NYSE


MAURO Hand-Held Product Design NYSE

Executed detailed task analysis of trading functions on floor of NYSE over 3 month period. Developed hardware/display design configuration for first successful hand-held trading systems used on floor of NYSE. Development focused on cognitive and biomechanical aspects of hand-held device design. Produced simulations and executed user verification testing of device configurations. Solutions employed as templates for HHD device design.



MAURO Samsung

Conducted global market research audit of UX configurations for 350+ cellphones and smartphones. Identified trends in UX configurations and interaction frameworks based on OS functionality and market size / penetration. Developed detailed UX optimization strategy for cellphone and smartphone market based on current and projected trends in UX behaviors and modes of use.

Complex Hand-Held Systems


MAURO Complex Hand-Held Systems

Executed complex projects focused specifically on optimization of hand-held products and related applications. Have undertaken extensive HFE analysis, design and testing of hand-held product design applications covering trading interfaces, surgical devices, drug delivery devices and hand controls (many applications). Clients include: Motorola, Samsung, Pfizer and other leading high tech entities.

Consumer Products


MAURO Consumer Products

Conducted product design programs for leading consumer product entities including execution of complex consumer needs analysis, product concept development, simulation design and user testing for consumer electronics, personal care, health and beauty, cosmetics, major appliances, furniture and fixtures. Clients include Sony, LG, Philips, Samsung, Este Lauder, Ralph Lauren and other leading entities.

Complex Medical Systems


MAURO Complex Medical Systems

Executed product design programs for leading medical and pharmaceutical clients covering complex clinical modalities including: imaging, drug delivery, surgical, emergency processes and patient management systems related to FDA HE 75 requirements and testing procedures. Clients include Pfizer, Becton Dickenson, Johnson and Johnson, Raytheon, GE and others.

Contact Furniture & Seating


MAURO Contact Furniture & Seating

Executed large-scale human factors engineering analysis and design development programs covering open office systems, lighting and seating for leading contract manufacturers including Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, KI International. Working with leading architects, also executed complex, large-workgroup research and space planning programs for specialized corporate functions including R&D, engineering, marketing and product design teams at various world headquarters for major corporate clients.

Complex Process Control


MAURO Complex Process Control

Have undertaken complex projects in the process control industry: paper and sheet material production, electric power generation (fossil and nuclear), mining, large-scale pumping applications and telecommunications. Field research has included work with represented workers in several industry sectors. Clients include: Weir Minerals, Louisiana Power and Light, New Jersey Power and Light, ABB Accuray and others.

Emergency Response Systems


MAURO Emergency Response Systems

Executed product design projects related to emergency systems including hardware and software applications. Experience includes communications devices, event tracking systems and displays (fixed and display-based), injury support devices and related hardware and emergency HFE process design. Clients include: Motorola, ADT, AT&T, Ebasco Services and other entities.

Executive Workstation Design


MAURO Executive Workstation Design

In collaboration with leading architectural firms created executive office configurations based on advanced ergonomics and decision. MNM developed ergonomic executive workstations to reduce existing instances of repetitive motion disorders in top executives. Also provided furniture/fixture specifications for special applications and tracked solution performance through on-going executive surveys.

NASA Workstations


MAURO NASA Workstations

Conducted extensive user needs analysis with Shuttle communications teams. Developed enhanced workstation and workgroup solutions. Produced extensive, full-scale simulations and related human factors performance verification testing. Provided detailed control room layout design to improve cross-task workload sharing and during critical mission transitions and related training.

Niagara Mohawk Power


MAURO Niagara Mohawk Power

Working in collaboration with NM engineering MNM executed complex cognitive task analysis of power management grid during normal and extreme load conditions. Provided detailed HFE enhancements to visual display design, operator training and control room layouts for critical facilities on power grid. Verified performance through simulation and user testing.

JI Case



Working with multiple large engineering teams executed complex human factors analysis and design solutions for several generations and numerous categories of heavy industrial and farm equipment operator environments and cabs based on US and International safety and ergonomic standards. Integrated new complex GPS-based automation systems into operator decision flows through HFE analysis and simulation development.

Process Control Applications


MAURO Process Control Applications

Executed on-site research with machine crews in high volume production environments. Developed harsh-environment workstation design integrated with HFE optimized GUI. Design solution provided machine crews with highly flexible and secure workstation for management of complex machine functions including visual and physical access to critical information at long viewing distances and in rapid response frameworks.

Longaberger Inc.


MAURO Longaberger Inc.

Working with large internal engineering team executed complex ergonomic analysis of micro-assembly task with high previous incidence of ergonomic factors. Created new ergonomic workstation design that mitigated or eliminated key risk factors. Trained large internal team on ergonomic science and applications. Tested all solutions for ergonomic performance over several iterations using advanced testing methods and sampling strategies.

Large Scale Formative Studies


MAURO Large Scale Formative Studies

Executed complex formative studies across a wide range of medical devices covering hardware, software, drug delivery, surgical and imaging modalities. Worked with large internal client teams as a highly experienced HFE subject matter and usability testing resource. Created and oversaw complex SOWs, protocols, and related IRB approvals. Highly effective with complex, iterative, large sample formative studies based on AGILE development methods.

HFE Testing Mobile Medical Apps


MAURO HFE Testing Mobile Medical Apps

Mobile apps that interface with human biomedical variables are now slated for FDA oversight. In this new field of man-machine development we work with our clients to ensure that FDA guidance related to human factors engineering performance is documented and employed in the development of app-based systems that must respond to FDA oversight. MUS provides subject matter expertise, HFE audits, cognitive task analysis, UI design and formal usability testing during development to confirm HFE performance is verified and documented before, during and after approval by the FDA.

March of Dimes


MAURO March of Dimes

Conducted several usability testing programs for focusing on optimization of mission-critical engagement pathways. Executed studies utilizing both a small-sample lab-based methodology and large-sample online behavior tracking. Provided detailed optimization recommendations for improving giving conversions and access to critical content on the site.

Large-Scale Virtual Worlds


MAURO Large-Scale Virtual Worlds

Conducted largest virtual-world user engagement analysis to date. Executed studies that tracked in-world UX design versus real-world brand engagement behaviors for leading global brands. Created first deep understanding of psychological binding between avatars’ and users’ real world identities. Studies utilized 6+ terabytes of data covering 6 virtual worlds.

Large Scale Summative Studies


MAURO Large Scale Summative Studies

We specialize in design, approval management, execution and delivery of large sample rapid-response summative usability studies. MUS routinely delivers robust studies with 500-1000 respondents in compressed time frames. We are well known for the quality of our research methods and compliance-related performance for clients facing complex FDA approvals. MUS is a preferred vendor for leading biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device manufactures. We are fully versed in CFR 21 Part 11 compliance requirements and maintain research methods within compliance.




Designed and executed complex study to determine the effectiveness of the pedestrian warning system known as the LOOK! campaign funded by NYC DOT. This study utilized existing and updated observational methods and mental models of pedestrian behavior to determine whether or not the proposed graphic warning system was effective. Study produced robust insights into NYC pedestrian behaviors as a function of the LOOK! solution and other factors. This research was funded by Mauro Usability Science in conjunction with the New School for Social Research.

Department of Defense


MAURO Department of Defense

Working with DOD development teams and large aerospace contractor executed complex professional HFE heuristics analysis of military recruit intake processing on a national basis. Conducted detailed task analysis of existing process, identified key usability and visualization factors and provided detailed recommendations for HFE enhancement of process, software/display design, user training and system management.

CAD Tiffany Workstation


MAURO CAD Tiffany Workstation

Executed detailed ergonomic task analysis of product design task functions for Tiffany and Company. Created adjustable workstation configuration optimized to reduce repetitive motion disorders in the use of high-end CAD programs and related software. Produced full-scale mockups and conducted user verification testing. Coordinate final production for 45 workstations and layout of entire department.



MAURO Micro-Manufacturing

Conducted ergonomic task analysis of micro-level jewelry production and polishing tasks. Created standardized ergonomic evaluation methodology and produced robust solutions for design of new jewelry production workstations. Solutions produced dramatic reduction in workplace ergonomic related health factors. Design verified through extensive user testing. Coordinated production of complex workstation solution. MauroNewMedia recieved the 2013 Stanley Caplan User Centered Design Award.

Energy Generation


MAURO Energy Generation

Working in conjunction with large engineering teams and consultants executed complex ergonomic analysis projects in the power generation sector. Programs included control rooms, testing equipment, tools, component parts and process/procedure design for clients including: Consolidated Edison, New Jersey Power and Light, Louisiana Power and Light, Weir Minerals…and others.

Longaberger, Inc.


MAURO Longaberger, Inc.

Prior to development of advanced ergonomic workstation for the Longaberger company MNM executed a complex micro-level task analysis for production of high-end basket making. The analysis focused on formal identification of risk factors and production performance variables that could be mitigated or reduced through enhanced workstation design and training. Research lead to design of new production workstation.

Ergonomic Seating Analysis


MAURO Ergonomic Seating Analysis

Executed comprehensive ergonomic analysis of 14 leading “ergonomic” task and executive chairs from 9 leading manufacturers. Prepared formal ergonomic rules-based evaluation process and conducted detailed audit of all chairs in structured setting. Produced detailed ergonomic ranking of seating systems. Data utilized by large clients in purchase decisions related to seating systems for facilities installed on global basis.

Hand Tool Ergonomics


MAURO Hand Tool Ergonomics

Executed extensive ergonomic analysis and optimization of a wide range of hand-held industrial tools and related use procedures and training. Conducted ergonomic analysis in wide range of industrial settings and production environments on a global basis. Produced extensive recommendations for improvements to hand-tool design and related proper-use training guides.

Medical Device Ergonomics


MAURO Medical Device Ergonomics

We have executed groundbreaking ergonomic analysis programs for complex hand-held medical devices for consumer and commercial drug delivery systems. These programs included development of ergonomic product performance measures fully verified through rigorous user testing based on IRB approvals. These projects included development of proprietary 3D device tracking and ergonomic optimization processes.

Department of Defense MEPS


MAURO Department of Defense MEPS

Working with DOD subject matter experts developed new methodology for visualizing the movement of large numbers of military personal through various processing centers and related travel activities. Solution dramatically reduced cognitive workload, training time and staffing requirements based on new event visualization scheme and related display configurations.

Trading Technologies Inc.


MAURO Trading Technologies Inc.

Conducted detailed HFE research with leading futures trading firms in US and Europe. Created cognitive model of complex futures spread-trading dynamics and related data sets. Produced interaction framework and UI design that optimized decision making and event tracking for large asset commitments. Numerous patents issued on core visualization concepts.

Leading Cancer Research Entity


MAURO Leading Cancer Research Entity

Executed complex analysis of the relationship between cancer information presentation frameworks and patient clinical outcomes. Identified key knowledge domains for cancer patients based on analysis of 2.5 million message board posts between cancer patients, doctors and HCPs. Provided robust view of relationship between information presentation format and clinical outcomes.

Trade Status States


MAURO Trade Status States

Created first high-performance online trading platform for consumer applications. Produced comprehensive portfolio management and trading interface that optimized consumer’s ability to visualize rapid changes in market conditions and to reduce risk. Design resulted in award of seminal GUI trading system patent cited in all major trading GUI cases and prior art references. Key innovations present in many trading platforms in use today.




Based on HFE research and cognitive modeling MNM formulated for the first time the ability to visualize equities market dynamics in terms of order flow and position balance on a single screen in a rapidly changing market. Solution dramatically reduced cognitive workload of NYSE Specialists and Brokers while reducing decision errors in active market conditions. Solution adopted by exchanges/platforms worldwide.

Marathon Training System


MAURO Marathon Training System

Based on extensive critical incident analysis and event modeling developed visualization system for tracking marathon training sessions and related physical conditioning so that participants could predict possible injury conditions with sufficient advanced notice to take corrective action and increase event completion rates and related fund raising goals.

Becton Dickinson


MAURO Becton Dickinson

Conducted on-site field research covering complex ICU procedures related to patient hydration systems, monitoring devices and HCP training and device management processes. Developed new sterile water hydration system that reduced critical set up and utilization errors and reduced training for HCPs. Patents awarded for solution.

FDA and Related Testing


MAURO FDA and Related Testing

Conducted extensive professional human factors engineering heuristics on complex medical products, drug delivery devices, imaging systems, patient EMRs and related processes. Created and utilized specialized heuristics rule sets directed at FDA HE 75 guidelines. Provided extensive design optimization recommendations with verified HFE performance improvements. Clients include GE, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer and others.

Medical Packaging Studies


MAURO Medical Packaging Studies

Medical packaging is viewed by the FDA as a critical component of usability and must be considered in the HFE evaluation of drug delivery devices and products. We work with leading clients to ensure that FDA guidance human factors engineering performance criteria are documented and employed in the development of packaging for FDA approval. MUS provides subject matter expertise, HFE audits, information analysis, cognitive task analysis and formal usability testing during development to confirm HFE performance is verified and documented before, during and after approval by the FDA.

Live Drug Studies


MAURO Live Drug Studies

If you must perform rapid-response usability testing utilizing live drugs and related production or prototype delivery mechanisms, we can execute your programs in a safe, efficient and productive manner. We have extensive experience with the special problems and operating procedures required to conduct usability testing under these complex conditions. We are especially adept at complex SOWs, protocols, and related IRB approvals and have a history with complex, iterative, large sample formative studies utilizing live drugs and production devices.

FDA Regulatory Response


MAURO FDA Regulatory Response

If you are facing a complex, business-critical and time-sensitive FDA response, we specialize in providing highly focused and experienced usability testing and human factors engineering optimization expertise. Our experience and focus is on addressing such matters as rapidly and rigorously as possible. We have a track record with these complex problems.

Raytheon Medical Systems


MAURO Raytheon Medical Systems

Conducted extensive in-field research at leading US medical centers related to radiological procedures and patient handling factors. Created optimization strategy for improving both patient safety and department-level throughput. Provided extensive input into man-machine aspects of several lines of new medical imaging systems. Conducted on-site usability testing and concept verification studies.

Leading MRI Manufacturer


MAURO Leading MRI Manufacturer

Conducted complex human factors engineering risk analysis related to installed MRI systems in a wide range of clinical settings. Produced detailed task analysis and prepared conceptual solutions related to warnings for patients and individuals coming into contact with invisible high-energy magnetic fields. Produced and tested for comprehensive architectural signage and HCP training procedures to mitigate core risk factors.

Autism Speaks


MAURO Autism Speaks

MNM designed and executed focus groups and large-sample on-line study focused on understanding the special information needs and resource profiles of families with children on spectrum. Executed complex analysis of use, trust and sharing of online, autism-related content in small social networks. Developed UX optimization strategy focused on rapidly changing information sharing behaviors as a function of social media technology.

Atomic Energy of Canada


MAURO Atomic Energy of Canada

Designed and executed complex, on-site field research covering high-energy radiation treatment procedures and related patient handling requirements. Executed complex cognitive task analysis and provided detailed recommendations for machine configuration optimization related to human factors engineering performance. Produced and tested various man-machine optimization options leading to improved HFE performance.

Workstation Ergonomics


MAURO Workstation Ergonomics

Executed extensive complex ergonomic analysis of computer-based workstations for consumer and commercial applications. These programs included examination of physical ergonomic attributes of existing and prototype workstation configurations combined with screen-based content organization and optimization. We have extensive experience in many industry sectors and verticals.

Industrial Maintenance Applications


MAURO Industrial Maintenance Applications

We have executed extensive ergonomic analysis and optimization programs in numerous industrial maintenance application areas. The focus of these studies and related optimization programs was the benchmarking and creation of updated, ergonomically robust and reliable maintenance procedures and related supporting hardware and software. We have extensive experience with represented workers in this category of ergonomic research.

Non-Profit Medical Entity


MAURO Non-Profit Medical Entity

Executed a series of complex usability and UX optimization studies for leading medical non-profit entities. Developed overall and detailed testing methodology focused on identification and resolution of key factors leading to low conversion rates for online contributions. Conducted series of focus groups, one-on-one interviews, lab-based studies and online large-sample sessions. Data provided significant insight into usability-based problems and a wide range of other business-critical factors including policy and giving-strategy development.

HFE Testing Hardware


MAURO HFE Testing Hardware

Medical device and system hardware is more complex and demanding than ever. We work with our clients to ensure that FDA guidance and human factors engineering performance criteria are documented and employed in the development of hardware-based systems that must meet FDA approval. As in software development, MUS provides subject matter expertise, HFE audits, cognitive task analysis and formal usability testing during development to confirm HFE performance is verified and documented before, during and after approval by the FDA.

Electromyography / Physiological Effort Testing


MAURO Electromyography / Physiological Effort Testing

For projects which require an understanding the physiological effort required in the successful manipulation of a product or device we offer a robust and industry proven testing methodology utilizing electromyography combined with physical force measurement. This specialized testing method utilizes the electromyographic potential of major muscle groups involved in manipulation of a product ranging from auto injector drug delivery devices to large scale industrial equipment. Our EMG methodology is often combined with 3D spatial tracking and Newtonian force measurement systems. We have utilized EMG-based methods for more than 40 years and have a strong theoretical and technical understanding of when to apply this powerful methodology to help you optimize the UX performance of a product or system.

3D Spatial Tracking UX Optimization


MAURO 3D Spatial Tracking UX Optimization

For usability and UX optimization studies that require a detailed understanding of how a given design or series of designs are manipulated in 3D space, we employ proprietary and industry-leading 3D spatial tracking methodologies. When combined with EMG-based research these methods provide you with unprecedented insights into user engagement with hand-held and hand-manipulated devices across a wide range of product categories.

Specialized Eye-Tracking for UX Design Optimization


MAURO Specialized Eye-Tracking for UX Design Optimization

An overwhelming number of eye-tracking studies executed in usability testing sessions today are executed improperly and often report findings that are incorrect. We were the first UX research consulting firm to utilize formal eye-tracking methodology (1975). We own, maintain, and manage our own eye-tracking systems and work with leading academic and research professionals to conduct robust, properly powered studies that help clients define complex problems related to visual scanning and cognitive processing of visual information. We have a strong theoretical and practical understanding of eye-tracking and related applications including modeling complex cognitive workload factors. Our methods are especially attuned to the evaluation of the appearance of products, package design, complex instructions, and the design of screen-based interfaces.

Wearable Eye-Tracking for UX Design Optimization


MAURO Wearable Eye-Tracking for UX Design Optimization

In addition to specialized eye-tracking, we routinely deliver studies to leading clients utilizing a fully portable eye-tracking methodology. In these studies, we employ industry-proven eye-tracking glasses which allow the research participant to navigate any environment from retail stores to traffic cross-walks without interference or restrictions. This methodology allows for the real time documentation of your customer’s visual scanning behavior as they undertake scripted tasks, navigate complex environments, drive or interact with vehicles or machinery, make complex retail purchases, or interact with portable devices and apps in real time. Our specialized eye-tracking glasses can be fitted with custom corrective lenses so that individuals are free to participate in our studies without concern for their own corrective glasses.

Newtonian Force Measurement System for UX Optimization


MAURO Newtonian Force Measurement System for UX Optimization

The forces that your users exert in the operation of your product are a critical aspect of how they rate the overall UX design. Forces are well known to impact judgments of overall interface quality, skill acquisition, and peer recommendations. We have executed studies ranging from the forces required to open a package of drug delivery devices to button forces on touch screens for smartphones. Our methodology utilizes a robust and industry proven force measurement systems that are entirely portable and wireless. This allows for the instrumentation of almost any aspect of the consumer’s interaction with a product or system. Our systems are designed and maintained to the highest levels of calibration and data production performance. Force measurement is often combined with EMG-based data gathering to produce a robust UX data picture of your customer’s interaction with your product.

Multi-Factorial Visual Design Testing and Optimization


MAURO Multi-Factorial Visual Design Testing and Optimization

The physical appearance design of your product, website, or UX service offering has become one of your essential intellectual property and brand-building assets. Yet, appearance design and visual style is far more complex to measure and optimize than most realize. For projects in which you are basing major investments on the appearance design of a business critical product or service, we offer a robust visual design testing methodology, which combines psychometric scaling systems, combined with eye-tracking and physiological/neurological sensing modalities. This combination of methods provides you with both reliable, appropriately powered data, as well as complex factor analysis covering salient visual design attributes critical in optimizing the visual and aesthetic design of your essential product or service.

Ergonomic Optimization Tool Set


MAURO Ergonomic Optimization Tool Set

Government research indicates that approximately 80% of all lost-time workplace injuries are associated directly with ergonomically related defects in the workplace or workplace tools and workstations. To mitigate such problems we offer a robust and industry-proven workplace ergonomic optimization toolkit and associated ergonomic optimization research methodology. We have conducted formal workplace audits in a wide range of settings ranging from executive office suites to high-capacity production line workstations. We have received major awards for ergonomic optimization methodology development and workplace optimization. These same ergonomic optimization methods are frequently employed in the design, testing, and updating of standalone products across many industry sectors.

Cognitive Learning Decay Modeling


MAURO Cognitive Learning Decay Modeling

The single most important UX design objective for any product or service is to make certain that the solution is easy to learn, not necessarily easy to use. To a great extent the ability of your user to rapidly acquire the necessary skills, rules, and knowledge required for them to be quickly productive is at the heart of true UX optimization. Thus testing and optimizing skill acquisition and understanding learning decay (how fast they forget how to use key features) is well understood to drive early acceptance, feature utilization, and peer-recommendation. We offer a highly structured and statistically robust methodology based on the latest thinking in mental model development. This testing methodology has been utilized by leading international pharmaceutical companies and leading high technology entities in the creation of systems which are easy to learn and minimize learning decay.

Ethnographic TUXO Optimization Data Gathering


MAURO Ethnographic TUXO Optimization Data Gathering

UX optimization on a broader scale is about understanding the core needs, limitations, and expectations of users as they interact with your service or product across its entire life-cycle. It is well understood that gathering such data, analyzing that data, and providing actionable insights is a complex and time-consuming process which must be governed by science, not design methods. We apply robust methods from the human factors engineering and anthropological sciences to help you understand the total user experience optimization (TUXO) of your customers. We offer a highly structured, data-driven research methodology that is customized for each TUXO project. Our methodology has been utilized to investigate and optimize entire systems and communities ranging from the world’s largest international refugee NGO to the military recruit intake system for the Department of Defense. Other projects have focused on consumer products and medical service delivery and in industry sectors where such methods are essential.

Virtual World Avatar Behavior Tracking and UX Optimization


MAURO Virtual World Avatar Behavior Tracking and UX Optimization

With the advent of low cost VR technology and more advanced VR software, the world is about to experience a restart of VR user experiences. For clients attempting to navigate this complex, and for the most part, amazing new dimension of UX design we offer user testing and UX optimization methods which offer deep insights into the psychological and physiological underpinnings of VR user experiences. Our methods have been utilized to conduct the largest in-world avatar behavior tracking and socialization study ever conducted. We have applied our methodology to help clients understand the psychological engagement individuals have been their real world being and their synthetic avatar personalities. We have conducted the largest study ever fielded investigating the impact of VR experiences on brand engagement and purchase intent with real world products. Our methodology has been utilized on a wide range of demographic profiles ranging from COPPA age children, teens, adults, and military personnel.

Mobile Device Utilization and Cognitive Asset Allocation


MAURO Mobile Device Utilization and Cognitive Asset Allocation

As data-intensive and complex mobile devices enter our utilization patterns certain ways in which we deal with the external world become attenuated. A central question in this transition is the extent to which our inwardly directed attention (interacting with a mobile device) impacts our situation awareness. This is a non-trivial question as we have seen traffic deaths associated with texting increase dramatically. This problem is sufficiently complex and so important that it requires a formal methodology for assessing the redistribution of cognitive assets between portable hand-held or wearable devices and the environment in which we navigate, make decisions, take risks, and interact socially. To address such research questions we offer you a structured methodology for investigating the impact that your technology may or may not have on the situation awareness of those who use your technology. This methodology, which combines various testing methodologies including eye-tracking, cognitive modeling, ethnographic observational research, and psychometric testing, provides you with deep insight into how cognitive resources are being allocated by your users in the real world as they interact with your latest technology. Our testing system has been utilized on projects ranging from assessing pedestrian behavior when using mobile devices to the layout and optimization of robotic assembly tasks within a traditional assembly line.

Large-scale Summative FDA-Focused Usability Testing Methodology


MAURO Large-scale Summative FDA-Focused Usability Testing Methodology

It is no secret that the FDA has dramatically increased focus on the usability of a wide range of drug delivery devices and related technologies utilized by consumers and healthcare professionals. In order to meet the guidelines and requirements for the conduct of professional usability testing of medical devices, robust and highly controlled usability testing methods are now essential. To that end, through our Labs group, we have developed an advanced usability testing methodology which allows for the safe and effective execution of large sample summative usability studies with live drugs and devices utilized by user populations with targeted medical conditions. This industry-leading system includes development and refinement of a wide range of SOPs and protocols required to manage simultaneous, complex drug delivery device testing across multiple testing labs, cities, and even countries in an agile format. The process is optimized for compliance with CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance and includes large-scale custom online data-gathering systems and related data integrity verification processes. The system has been utilized by leading pharmaceutical companies in the execution of studies covering 500 to 1000 participants per study engaged with multiple drug delivery systems. The Labs solution includes risk mitigation and risk management analysis and related data analysis and formatting for FDA submissions.

Usability and UX Optimization Heuristics System


MAURO Usability and UX Optimization Heuristics System

As the cost of executing professional usability testing programs has increased, a clear need for robust and reliable usability heuristics methodologies has developed. Our Labs group has developed and has an ongoing research effort to routinely update our robust usability heuristics audit methodology. This system has been utilized on dozens of projects in a wide range of industry sectors. This process is based on rankings of usability performance and compliance against a set of twenty-two usability performance categories compiled in conjunction with peer-reviewed research protocols and publications. The entire heuristics process is executed under the direction of a Certified Human Factors Engineering Professional (CHFP) and includes the option for rapid independent validation by external subject matter experts.

Marathon Training Risk Reduction and UX Optimization System


MAURO Marathon Training Risk Reduction and UX Optimization System

Amateur athletic performance has reached a level of intensity and training unheard of even a decade ago. The net impact for many amateur athletes is serious and often debilitating injuries that either terminate or severely attenuate their long-term involvement in a given sport. Professional athletes manage and reduce injuries through involvement with professional coaching and conditioning experts. Amateur athletes have no such resources. For the amateur athlete distance running is especially demanding ergonomically and psychologically. In our UX Labs we conducted an extensive analysis of training performance and injuries during marathon training with a focus on developing a data-driven methodology for early identification and management of potential musculoskeletal injuries. The research effort involved investigation of factors that contribute to risk taking and over-training combined with extensive cognitive task analysis of current marathon training regimes. The system allowed for the tracking and data modeling of patterns of training behavior, diet, stress, and attitude to be combined to help predict the likelihood of sustaining a serious training injury. This Labs project was conducted in partnership with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training program.

Gem Inspection System


MAURO Gem Inspection System

Visual inspection tasks related to the selection of high-value gems are known to be an unusually complex and demanding human factors engineering problem. Those who undertake such tasks are often highly trained and certified. However, even such levels of training and certification do not diminish the complexity and intensity of the process. These tasks become especially demanding visually and cognitively for gems and other high-value raw materials like pearls when pressure is added to increase the throughput of selection process. For hundreds of years gem inspection and selection was a primitive process, taking place essentially on a typical jewelers bench or table using only a simple light source. Our Labs group working in collaboration with a leading Boston research firm specializing in computer aided vision developed a system that dramatically enhanced the overall visual inspection task by reducing fatigue and increasing throughput. The solution was a classic function allocation system whereby our Labs team directed the development effort to ensure that human strengths were supplemented by, and not replaced by, machine automation and environmental control.

Earrz.Com Advanced Audio Capture and Playback System


MAURO Earrz.Com Advanced Audio Capture and Playback System

Sometimes tired product categories come alive when usability and UX optimization science are applied. Our Labs team encountered such a category in the design of current music headphones, music player devices, and distribution systems. Based on detailed cognitive task analysis and UX performance modeling, a new conceptual model was developed for the three primary interfaces of digital music system including: headphones, app, web site and band management, new music funding and distribution service. This project is an example of total user experience optimization taking into account all users of such systems including those who create, promote, sell, consume, and share digitally distributed music content. This project also formed the basis for case study on intellectual property and design patent rights covering physical products, software/GUI interfaces, and content licensing. Presentations given at UXPA, NYTECH UX, and USPTO.

Lockz.Com Robust Private Password and Data Security Device


MAURO Lockz.Com Robust Private Password and Data Security Device

Password management and personal data security are the most complex technology issues at play today. While proposed solutions abound, none are sufficient. Our Labs group conducted extensive research and analysis related to the psychology of password management and related risk-taking behaviors. Based on that research and working with a partially developed underlying technology platform provided by another entity, our team created a comprehensive UX optimization system that addressed specifically the identified UX problems with all current password management systems. The UX solution included a miniaturized hardware device interfaced with a custom app and website. The solution included design of the total UX from front to back including device setup, app programming, website set up, data backup, archiving systems, lost device replacement, and catastrophic whole system loss and recapture. The Labs solution focused on optimization of the total user experience for password management and personal data security.

HFE Testing Software


MAURO HFE Testing Software

Today, medical device software is more complex and demanding than ever before. We work with our clients to ensure that rigorous FDA guidance and mandated human factors engineering performance criteria are documented and employed in the development of software-based systems that must meet FDA approval. MUS provides subject matter expertise, HFE audits, cognitive task analysis and formal usability testing during development to confirm HFE performance is verified and documented.

Medical Device Heuristics


MAURO Medical Device Heuristics

Our clients tell us that we have the most rigorous and insightful professional heuristics expertise in the medical products human factors engineering field. MUS has executed many complex heuristics programs across a wide range of medical devices covering hardware, software, drug delivery, surgical and imaging modalities. Our heuristics programs have formed the basis for design and development of new generations of medical products; we work closely with large internal client teams as a highly experienced HFE subject matter resource in support of all heuristics-based recommendations.

Ergonomic Evaluations


MAURO Ergonomic Evaluations

Medical device and system hardware ergonomic performance is rapidly becoming a factor that determines success in the marketplace and acceptance by the FDA. MUS provides subject matter expertise, ergonomic audits, ergonomic task analysis and formal ergonomic testing for the specific purpose of developing rigorous ergonomic performance criteria for use in device design, testing and certification. We employ complex ergonomic data gathering methods to aid our clients in the creation of robust, science-based ergonomic performance criteria.

Instructions For Use Testing


MAURO Instructions For Use Testing

We have extensive experience in the design and testing of IFU systems. We work with clients to ensure that FDA guidance and mandated human factors engineering performance criteria are met for IFU and RG components of medical and drug delivery devices. We are especially adept with consumer-facing IFU design, testing and/or optimization. MUS provides subject matter expertise, HFE audits, content analysis, information design, IFU design, design analysis, cognitive task analysis and formal usability testing during development to confirm HFE performance is verified and documented.