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Apple v. Samsung Appeal Ruling Huge Win For Design Patents

The Federal Circuit issued its opinion in Apple v. Samsung today—it is a win for Apple and a HUGE win for design patents. The Court affirmed the design patent damage award, and confirmed that in design patent cases, an award of total profits is proper. The Court explicitly rejected Samsung’s argument that damages should have been limited to the profit attributable to the infringement because of “basic causation principles,” and also explicitly rejected Samsung’s call for damages based only on some smaller “article of manufacture,” rather than the entire product. This is a huge win for industrial design and design patent IP!

Special Thanks to all who worked with us on, or signed the briefs. They obviously had a major impact. Sometimes the system works.

Article describing the ruling in detailhttp://patentlyo.com/patent/2015/05/samsung-design-patents.html
Transcript of the rulinghttp://patentlyo.com/media/2015/05/Apple-v-Samsung.pdf

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