Major Awards

MAURO - 2013 Stanley Caplan User Centered Product Design Award

2013 Stanley Caplan User Centered Product Design Award
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (USA)
MNM received the prestigious 12th Annual Stanley Caplan User Centered Design Award for research and development of complex ergonomic workstations for Tiffany and Company, New York. The award emphasizes both product design and the methods used to specify and achieve the design.  Consideration is limited to products, software or systems that are purchased for use in the home, in the workplace, or while mobile including consumer, commercial, and medical products, but excluding military equipment or systems.


MAURO - Alexander C. Williams Award

Alexander C. Williams Award
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (USA)
This citation was presented to Charles L. Mauro (Founder and President) for “outstanding contributions to a major, operational, man-machine system”. The criteria for this citation include objective verification of usability performance improvements by independent testing.


MAURO - ACM Interactions Interface Award

ACM Interactions Interface Award
Association of Computing Machines (ACM)
MauroNewMedia cited for outstanding example of the application of user-centered design principles in the development and production of a major operational commercial user interface. This award represented groundbreaking work on handheld user interfaces and related interaction models.


MAURO - NASA Outstanding Service Award

NASA Outstanding Service Award
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
This citation was awarded to MauroNewMedia for exceptional contributions made in the human factors engineering research and design of major components for the Space Shuttle operations control center following the Challenger tragedy.


MAURO - Emmy Award

Emmy Award
Awarded by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to MTV Virtual Worlds Development Team for: “outstanding achievement in advanced media technology for creation of nontraditional programs or platforms”. MauroNewMedia participated as primary user experience research and optimization consultant, providing extensive in-world user engagement research in support of the development of this groundbreaking virtual world franchise (Virtual Laguna Beach).


MAURO - 2009 W3 Award

W3 award
Given to MauroNewMedia for outstanding home page design in a major industry category. This award recognizes outstanding visual concept, graphic design and functional layout.


MAURO - WebAward

Given to MauroNewMedia for outstanding web design covering our corporate web site and blog Pulse>UX. This award recognizes a combination of visual design concept, graphic design, navigation and copywriting.